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“What are you wearing on t’plane plane Totes?”

“What are you wearing on t’plane plane Totes?”

“Well I’m glad that you asked. I’m wearing a Zara skirt that has shirt sleeves attached to it £25.99 last week, a navy vest H and M that smells of Trevor and red Fly London shoes from Try TOTES15 if you haven’t already.”

“And Totes please tell us, how much you have managed to get in your hand luggage?”

“I’ve got fucking loads, 4 pairs of shoes, 5 handbags, and enough clothes for a fortnight”

“And one last thing Totes, please tell us what’s the first rule of Totes Bitches on tour?”

“Aaaah I’m glad you asked, it’s simple – no photos of anybody in bikinis and anything else goes. Lock up your Spaniard men and get the gin out!”