Twenty seven reasons to holiday on Anglesey

Twenty seven reasons to holiday on Anglesey

I’m a bit of a weirdo. I’d rather holiday somewhere that I know that I like, than risk going somewhere new that I might not.

There have been some legendary sulking sessions over the years when I’ve arrived somewhere new and found it lacking. I can’t stand being disappointed. With this is mind, I don’t think that we’ll be getting further than Anglesey for the foreseeable future as we’ve got no money for the Greek islands.

At the risk of sounding like I’ve been employed by the Anglesey tourist board, we have truly enjoyed our trip this week.

Here are some of the reasons why.

The sun always shines on Anglesey. It never rains – ever! I’ve got the same tan that I would have got in Mykonos.

It’s incredibly beautiful and clean.

You can take the little shits crabbing on the pier in Beaumaris. Let’s be honest and say that Dangerous is the most partial to this pastime and we end up on the pier with a packet of bacon quite a lot. The fact that a packet of bacon miraculously appears out of nowhere speaks volumes.

We have WiFi – fuck staying anywhere without it, with the three little shits!

All the people that live here are nice.

All the people that live here, run. They invited me to a run yesterday and I came fourteenth.

We found the most beautiful deserted beaches. Today we had one completely to ourselves which was good because I needed a slash.

Everywhere is dog friendly.

The best ice cream shop ever is in Beaumaris. Red Boat ice cream just let Trevor the Pug into their shop and let him have his own ice cream.

The house that we stayed in is better equipped than Totes Towers which isn’t saying much about Totes Towers. All the kitchen equipment in our beautiful little house is John Lewis. I hope that they don’t check too closely what is still here.

Did I mention that I came fourteenth in a fun run last night?

Apparently I might have been fourteenth woman but bollocks to the truth.