Tuesday morning drama…

Tuesday morning drama…

I have just put the “specialist dry clean only” 100% polyester sofa covers in the washing machine.

I am beside myself with the dread of what will come out. I’m guessing that my main problem is going to be that they come out looking more like the sofa covers for a Sylvanian family of rabbits.

The playroom that is now used for gaming had started to smell of sweaty little boys. I had tried Frebreeze, who am I kidding…there was a bottle of Frebreeze on the window sill that I sprayed at the sofa every time that I wandered in there and gagged.

The sofa had zip off covers and so I naturally assumed that they could be washed until I read the instructions that said “do not machine wash under any circumstances.

If you hear screaming coming from Timperley in about one hour, you know what’s happened…

Stay tuned for more domestic top tips on how to fuck up your house!

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