Clever Trevor, Ramblings

Trevor didn’t eat yesterday morning

Trevor didn’t eat yesterday morning.

Dangerous was most perturbed. The little shits tried to feed him toast with extra butter on to cheer him up but to no avail.

When I phoned them to see if they were ok, they said that he was looking for me in the house. He kept roaming the rooms whilst looking very sad.

Mummy’s special boy had scrambled egg for breakfast and I’ve put his special bandana on from Betty and Butch. Dangerous doesn’t like me dressing Thug Pug up but we think that he looks adorable in his bandana.

Thug Pug loves me the best because I am his mummy and I do all the walks.

Dangerous pretends that he doesn’t love him and then let’s him on the bed for cuddles.

Bandana courtesy of Betty and Butch and via Sophie who is the best dog walker/sitter in England.