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This morning it’s all about moaning as is usual on a Monday

This morning it’s all about moaning as is usual on a Monday. We started at the school gates, then moved to Costa.

After a while Ruthless and I grew tired of all the amateurish moaning and so we formed a splinter group and really whinged about stuff. The others simply couldn’t cut it whereas Ruthless and I are in training for the next olympics games which unbeknownst to most people will feature moaning as a new sport. England will definitely get gold and silver with us on board.


Our training was concluded in the car where we covered many topics. At points we weren’t even listening to each other. We were talking over each other about subjects as diverse as husbands who are selfish and children who are also selfish.

I have just been to see the lovely podiatrist called Andrea at 381 Footcare in Timperley. I now know how to rid myself of my verucca that is as old as my eldest child. Andrea remarked that it looked rather well established and I concurred that it had indeed flourished on my manly foot.


I now have size 7 feet instead of size 8 as she scraped so much dead skin off. I also know how to stretch my Achilles so that they don’t hurt when I run. Result – Get in there.

Top Zara sale last year £7.99
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Shorts H and M £10 sale
Boots Dr Martens £75 outlet
Bag from Marc Jacobs £66 TK maxx
Nice pretty feet www.381footcare.co.uk