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The sisterhood

I was having a jolly good think after seeing my lovely therapist. I was thinking how lucky I am in a lot of ways. I should never think or talk whilst driving as I can only do the one thing at once and I have a tendency towards being a rather shit driver at the best of times. I meandered into the right hand lane as a bus was pulling out much to the utter contempt of the driver who was trying to get past me. I gave him the sorry wave by way of acknowledgement that he was right and I am indeed not the best driver in the world. I then shit up the driver of a cement mixer at a roundabout.

ªWhat I was thinking about was huge though. Through talking to my therapist about coping strategies for when I get a bit anxious, I realised that over the last year I’ve managed to surround myself with a posse of really nice women that have got my back. This is truly marvellous considering what a pain in the arse I am and what a liability I can be. My therapist is called Sarie. I need to tell you that therapy rocks. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I can think of nobody who wouldn’t benefit from it. Sarie contacted me through the page because she’s nice and she knew that I was coming off the happy pills.

There’s of course all the school mums, Sharon Middle Aged who got me into writing a blog and regularly offers very forthright and usually unwanted advice on my state of mind and my need for happy pills. Ruthless whom I once taught to roar,  who regularly listen to my incessant moaning on a Monday morning. There’s the two Lisa’s, Claire and countless others. They listen to my utter drivel at school drop off and pick up. Big Up to the school mums. You’re doing an excellent job looking after me, the loud wayward one.

I’m about to take part in my very own circus on Sunday when we will be running through Derby to a Brewery. Whilst organising this event it has come to my attention that I haven’t actually organised very much as I am one of the most disorganised people in the world. I have only just come to this conclusion which is funny because I’m a 44 year old mother of three. Kate has pretty much taken over everything because to be frank, I couldn’t actually organise a piss up in a brewery. I didn’t even know Kate this time last year but she and Dawn (the other Amazonian PT) have taken me into their bosom and they let me run with them. Big up to all the lovely running bitches who listen to me moaning especially Stacey and Janet who ran with me yesterday and Zowie, Sep and  Deonne. I do moan incessantly on long runs. That along with having to stop in bushes for a poo would put most other mere mortals off.

My website has just been completed by Ginny. Ginny was unknown to me three weeks ago. I can’t believe what she has done in so small an amount of time. She looks at my little blank, dumb face when she’s explaining things to me and then she explains it in an easier way. She doesn’t get annoyed with me when I try and steer the conversation towards shoes or wine. Big up to clever Ginny. She doesn’t know quite what she’s achieved.

I’m surrounded by nice people who have been very giving of their time or their company. People who have hardly known me have come to my rescue when I’ve moaned about something on the page or said that I’m having problems with something. This is because most people are lovely.

I have tried to do the same for other people. I do get a deluge of people asking me to do things or attend things and I try to say yes as much as I can. I think that we all need to try and help other people out because its good for the soul. This is the essence of the sisterhood.

Big up to Debbie and Debs. Big up to Juju who really is a lucky bitch to have a daughter like me. Big up to my mother in law, Bridie who has never said a word about my sweary drivel, nonsense blog which I’m sure that she’s too nice to like.

I’m starting to get  bit misty eyed but what I’m trying to get across is that from writing this blog, I have made some great friends. The friends that I already had have stood by me. Its the old sisterhood thing with a few boys thrown in for good measure because some boys get the sisterhood thing too. So if you have helped me out, thank you. If you have been kind to me, thank you as well. We all need people around us that have got our backs, especially me because I’m a bit of an over excited arsehole who does bizarre things like organise a running event to a brewery and break dances whist pissed.

Dangerous isn’t that bad either…….and the little shits…….and I like my sister……..I might need a drink to celebrate my lovely life with my sisters who’ve got my back.