So here’s what I learned at therapy today

With a little trepidation I went for my first therapy session yesterday. I needn’t have worried – it was ace.

Dangerous demanded to know how it went when he got home.

“Mmmmmm so basically I learned today that I need coping strategies for anxiety now that I’m off the happy pills.”

“And what are they?”

“Well, I need to run more and stop pouring wine down my neck.”

“Oh,” he managed. He looked a bit flummoxed.

Dangerous loves wine and gin.

However he was very happy that the therapist had suggested that we should go out once a fortnight. He started planning all the places that he wanted to go. They mainly involved restaurants.

So in essence what I learned yesterday is that somebody like me who is very anxious will love a large glass of wine because it makes me feel better in the short term but as my system processes the alcohol over the next couple of days, I’ll feel worse.

At least I have an excuse for being a lush.

So more running and much less booze is the answer. Maybe it’s just the start of the answers.

The really good news is that the therapist didn’t really think that my addiction to shopping for bargains is anything to worry about.

Next week I’m hoping that we can cover people who get on my tits. I’m not sure how this will help but I love being listened to.

Now which marathon should I do this spring? I haven’t entered one yet…