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So here’s the thing. I love a bit of Zara and H&M

So here’s the thing. I love a bit of Zara and H&M. We all know that I’m partial to Marks&Spencers but these are all gigantic companies making gargantuan profits. They have their place but with Brexit looming and the high street dying before our eyes, I’m thinking that it’s best to buy British. Better still, it’s best to spend your money with little independent designers who make limited amounts of items so that you won’t bump into anybody wearing the same as you.

I’m still hoping that Brexit will die a horrible death. I’m still willing our sleepwalking country to wake up before it’s too late.

I won’t be buying anything for a long time as the washing machine took its last gasp today. It’s going to the scrapyard in the sky tomorrow. Ted has also bled all over the landing carpet with two unprecedented nosebleeds. I have done all that I can but the carpet still looks like someone has been murdered there. I can’t imagine how anyone cleans up a real crime scene.

And back to buying British because you’ll probably have to in future. The dress is by Rew and the top is by Rew.

Rew is a small, independent, fashion label that makes unique, utterly cool shit.


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