Boozing, Run to the Piss Up in a Brewery, Running

Ok, so last call for the “Run to the Piss up at the brewery”

Ok, so last call for the “Run to the Piss up at the brewery”

Why not get pissed and large it with me and the leggy personal trainers, Stacey the small prancing pony and lots of others mental fashion forward bitches.

On the 22nd October we are running a half marathon for the hardcore bitches or a 10k for the only slightly less hard bitches from the Stubborn Mule Brewery in Altrincham. The route is mainly off road for safety reasons.
When we return to the brewery, we can get pissed up on booze which is one of my favourite things to do. I’m not particularly talented at running but I make up for it with my drinking abilities. To be fair, I’m not that good at drinking. What I really excel at is making a twat of myself when I’m pissed.

The price for this amazing event is £30.
Included in the price is lunch, drinks and a t-shirt. All you’ll need is your taxi fair home.

Last time we held this event it got a bit messy but that’s because I was involved and I can’t see it being any different this time. The brewery owner was very nice but baulked at my wish to swim in the beer and photocopy my arse in the office. Instead we had a dance off, played hide and seek for a Lagenluxe dress and indulged in some mild debauchery. It was all good fun.
The coach home was fun.
Anyway, if you come alone, you will leave having made friends. We are a nice lot.

All abilities of runners welcome, even really good ones. We’ll send Dawn off with you if you are fast. Oooh and men can come too. I think that we had three brave souls last time. to secure a place. Kate’s got the money because I can’t be trusted.