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So has the leader saved my life?

So has the leader saved my life? The Amazonian PT knows shit loads about loads of things.I mean I’m yet to act on her advice but I’m sure that if I listen to her, I will survive.

We had a little chat whilst we were running. The leader told me that last year, she had a tick burrow into her ankle. It itched and it burned where it went in and she had to have it dug out and then have a really long course of antibiotics in case she’d got Limes. She had started off by talking about Shania Twain who didn’t release another album for about 10 years because she got limes disease.

“I’ve got the same thing” I offered whilst panting because I’m a bit unfit at the moment. “I’ve been bitten on my an my ankle and it bloody itched so much that it woke me up. It was about three weeks ago. It itched for about 2 weeks. It itched so much that I’d scratch it until it bled!”

“Was it Red around it?”

“Well yes but I thought that, that was because I’d scratched it so much”

“Was it bruised?”

“Well I thought that I’d kicked myself”

“Is there a lump?”

“Errr let me have a look, mmmm yes”

“Let’s get you to a walk in centre then. You can’t be too careful!”

I didn’t go straight away because I had to get back for Trevor. I still haven’t gone. I keep thinking that it’s just a normal insect bite.
Any experts on Tick bites around this evening? I don’t want to waste the NHSs time if it’s just a normal bite that itched a lot.

update – I’ve been to the hospital and they said that it’s too late to have any antibiotics – if I feel unwell – I have to get a blood test. They thought that I should have felt unwell by now.