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“I’ve been sick Mummy!

“I’ve been sick Mummy! I won’t be going to school tomorrow! You can’t go into school for forty eight hours after you’ve been sick!” Said the little shit who looked extraordinarily pleased with himself and not at all ill.

“Nice try dude but I happen to know that you drank a smoothie and then bounced on the trampoline until you vomited” said the very clever bitch who’d just finished the gargantuan pile of holiday ironing and started on the good gin.

The clever bitch thought that it was a very good job that she’d sussed the little bugger out or she’d have had to get the 57% proof gin out.

Two weeks off and he tries that, the night before going back.

I said that there was a discount code for the Crush gin and I’ve found it. It’s available on Amazon and the code is VVHD 338V.

You can use it on the 57% proof one too.

You are welcome.