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I have tried to come to terms with Facebooks new rules

So today after a very muddy start and a visit to McDonald’s (in which I ate nothing) I have tried to come to terms with Facebooks new rules on sponsored content. I’d like to point out that I have never made any money advertising anything but I have had lots of freebies. Apparently you aren’t allowed freebies without it being all above board so I have got myself a tool. It’s a sponsored content tool. I just have to shake it at things and magically Facebook won’t ban my posts. It’s like a magical tool. The only reason that I know of this shit is because I had a note from the computers that be to say that they didn’t like my Gin post. They Banned it……. fuckimg hell why?

Naturally I had no fucking idea what I was doing wrong so I had to message my friend David Trott who sent me lots of articles and a link on how to get my tool. I love the word “tool”
Now I can affiliate market on products as diverse as gin, shoes and dresses without getting told off and it’s all down to David at Impact Business Advisors who generally knows lots about digital marketing whereas I know fuck all.

Why do things need to change and why does Facebook need new rules? How’re luddites meant to keep up? I’m fucked if I know…..

Anyway bake-off…….

I believe that I need to tell you of the essence of my relationship with Impact Business Advisors. It’s strictly platonic and no money changed hands…..I just message David when I don’t understand something about social media.

Chin chin and up yer bum.

Gosh this half term is long.