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I have taken a mental health day

I have taken a mental health day.

Everybody should do this now and again because it’s good for the soul.

It was good for my soul.

I have been having a bit of a hard time of it recently but today I realised that what I’ve been worried about is inconsequential. Nobody has died, my children are healthy and there are no real areas of concern. We have a roof over our heads and we live in a country that although not perfect, is not war torn nor poverty stricken. I know people who have real problems and mine aren’t that. I have just become too concerned with what, people who don’t know me, think of me.

I’ve decided today, to change that.

It was good for my soul.

Deciding to change my stance on something rather than let it get me down, was good for my soul.

I got up at the crack of dawn and went for the best run with my friends. It was cold and misty Not a soul was around as we set off. It was a bit eerie, not at all like Timperley. As we passed our statue of Frank Sidebottom, our voices echoed in an unusual way. No cars passed us and nobody was popping out for a paper. Sometimes a run and a moan is all you need to lift your spirits. We went down the canal where we played our “Hello, good morning ” game with other runners but they were having none of it.

We laughed at the miserable bastards.

Sometimes laughing at people that fail to acknowledge you is good for the soul.

We saw the man that we once accidentally knocked into a Bush and he did say hello.

The fact that this man can be so polite and smiling despite him ending up head first in a bush once at our hands, makes my day every time we see him.

As the mist burned away, I walked the kids to school and my lovely friend asked if we should take Thug Pug and have a cuppa outside Costa. Thug Pug was in an unusual mood where he saw fit to bark and howl at people and inanimate objects. I apologised to the other people, sat outside drinking coffee and smoking fags but the said that they didn’t mind at all.

He howled at Frank Sidebottom and he barked at a bin.

Sometimes a cuppa enjoyed whilst your dog is howling and you are sat in the sun is good for the soul.

As I run too much and have no core strength, don’t stretch and generally abuse my body, I have been thinking for a while that I should try Yoga. I haven’t done this as I’m scared of trying new things because I’m a big fat wuss.

Today I tried Yoga. Trying something new and enjoying it was brilliant.

It was good for my soul.

A lovely lady that I know organised the class as she’s newly qualified. She was having a practise before she starts the class properly next week.

It felt good to help her out and good to enjoy something new.

You’re getting to know it now, it was good for my soul.

I sat in the garden and contemplated my day. I decided to do nothing more.

I didn’t hoover, I didn’t dust and I didn’t look at any work.

It was good for my soul.

My problems aren’t that big. I write a blog and organise a couple of groups. Somewhere along the way, I’ve pissed a few people off but I’ve decided to stop bothering about the negatives.

Not everyone will like me just as I don’t like everyone. We can’t get on with everyone.

So what if I get the occasional message to say that a person hates me? So what if upon occasion I get five or six in a day? I can choose to ignore them.

I can choose to believe that these people don’t know me and that there words say more about them than they do about me.

I tell my eldest this a lot. I tell her that if someone is unkind to her, then it says more about them than it does about her.

I just didn’t tell myself the same thing.

So, whilst sat in the sun today, I did.

It was good for my soul.

I picked the little shits up from school and gave them a cuddle.

It was good for my soul.

Then I had a fuck off piece of chocolate cheese cake and a glass of wine.

And that was the best for my soul.

Chin chin up yer bum Mofos, to both the lovers and the haters.

If you fancy a yoga class next week, then I can highly recommend Vanessa who is running a class from 11.30 Tuesday at Bowdon Parish centre. Bowdon Cheshire.