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I have run every morning this week

I have run every morning this week and I’ve just been to the osteopath to try and sort myself out for starting to train for the Loch Ness marathon.
I was in touch with an old Running friend that I’ve not seen for about a year last night. She’s in the same boat, fucked up hip flexors.
She asked if I was doing anything about it and I replied to say “no – not unless you call moaning about it, doing anything!”

I’ve not run more than five miles for a couple of weeks but I’ve started to really enjoy my own company for four or five miles, first thing in the morning. I can’t stand running more than ten miles by myself though and often resort to chatting to people on my travels.

On bank holiday Monday, the canal was full of runners. I play a game called “how many people can I get to say good morning to me?”

It’s an excellent game that anyone can play. You just smile broadly at people and shout “MORNING!”

I got thirty seven hellos and twelve smiles.

This morning I only got two hellos as it was rather early.

I am missing my running buddies. I’m not fit enough to do the long Sunday run at the moment. They are all doing the Bluebell run on Sunday. I will be terribly jealous when I see all the photos of them…unless it’s raining. If it’s raining sideways and windy, I will feel all smug as I look at the photos of them in their muddy trainers.

On my running travels, at 5.00am, I have been very conscious of the thousands of snails that just seem to be coming home from a night out clubbing. They don’t seem to be aware that in their pursuit of getting across the pavement, they could be crushed to death or worse still lose their home and have people think that they are a common slug.

I don’t like slugs. Slugs look rather like dog shits.

I do like snails. I always pick them up when they look like they might be in danger. I transfer them to the side of the pavement that they looked like they were heading for.

Imagine making your way wearily Home after a night out on the piss to be stood on by a massive Asics trainer. It doesn’t bare thinking about.

I have come over all colourful and cheery in my attire.

Stripy dress Zara £15.99 current season
Yellow trousers Zara current
Pink dress Zara sale last year, about a tenner.

Shell snails own.