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I have had a very important meeting today

I have had a very important meeting today in which it was decided that we are definitely going to have an official “Totes Inappropes” “Fashion Forward Bitch” meet up in Manchester.

What do you think to a Saturday afternoon in November? November seems such a long time away but it will be around in a flash.

Obviously, I will have nothing to do with any organising as I am a fuck up of the highest magnitude. Nobody has forgiven me for my redirecting money to the wrong brewery last time we organised a piss up in a brewery. It would seem that I can indeed “organise a piss up In a brewery” but the proceeds for the event will be misappropriated.

So what do you think about some fashion, shopping, boozing and maybe some breakdancing in November?

Surely, we could organise a disco as well for later on when we’ve all spent up and drunk too many cocktails.

How much trouble could we get in?

Have any of the proposed venues got adequate insurance?

Will the Christmas markets be able to take the extra nutters in attendance?

Who will be on the door?

Will there be a fashion show?

Who would model if there were to be one?

Would there be makeovers?

What will be on the playlist?

So many questions…