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In other news I have finally murdered my long suffering bathroom scales

What I’m wearing…

Skirt from Ralph Lauren – £10 second hand
Coat from Topshop – £45 last year
Boots from the Zara sale last week – £15.99
Top from Zara last year


Back to being a normal mummy this morning, taking the three little darlings to school and now pottering slowly into work.

My friend Lisa declared last night that I don’t dress as weird any more.

“Yes you used to dress really weird and you are normal now.”

“Oh – do you think that you’ve just got used to me and my clothes?”

“No – you just aren’t as out there.”

She has thrown the gauntlet down and now is the time to buy items of clothing really cheaply in what’s left of the sales because everybody else turned their noses up at the stuff that is left.

I’ll show her…

And in other news I have finally murdered my long suffering bathroom scales. Three of the legs had fallen off after the relentless abuse that I had showed them over a number of years. I have disposed of the remains in the most casual of manners like a true psycho by popping them in the bin.

“That’ll teach you. I told you what would happen if you messed with me. You’ve only got yourself to blame,” I hissed at the bin.

What a truly evil old witch I am. I’ve bought some more scales and started a new cycle of abuse with them.

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to keep household items for weighing purposes…


Skirt Ralph Lauren £10 second hand
Coat topshop £45 last year
Boots Zara sale last week £15.99
Top Zara last year