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I can barely move today after being told yesterday that I was 36% body fat

What I’m wearing today…

Dress from Lagenluxe

Necklace H&M – £9.99

Boots from Clarks

So I can barely move today after being told yesterday that I was 36% body fat and only slightly overweight. I weighed in at 11 stone. You can’t even deny it when somebody else is there and writes it down on an actual card. WTF? That was overweight for age as well. Fucking depressing. I’m running a marathon in seven weeks. I’d better get on with it.

I’m going to try and cut out caffeine and booze. I did this yesterday and I was super proud of my efforts. Unfortunately I ate a whole packet of eclairs to satisfy my sugar addiction.

I was put to work in the gym doing burpees. I say that I did burpees but I might be exaggerating. I flailed around swearing and sweating profusely whilst the nice instructor looked aghast. I think that I managed 20 in total before he put me out of my misery.

And in other news, my therapist suggested that some days it’s just enough to keep the kids alive and not overly worry about parenting and such. I can’t even manage this. There was a gigantic, almighty crash this morning followed by screaming. I found Ted naked under a chest of drawers. He was quite unscathed apart from a scratch on his finger but very upset. Bella told him that she had saved his life as she helped him out from underneath whilst I held the drawers up.

Fuck losing weight – get a dress that hides the tubby bits.