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How am I supposed to chat to people and pop to Zara when I’ve got so much to do?

I went with the boots in the end but my shoes are in my bag. I thought that they’d get ruined in the muddy wet streets of Manchester.

I’m on my way to work. I’ve just had my card declined at the ticket machine and so missed the last tram. The next one is taking an age.

I hope that they don’t work me too hard at work today. Yesterday I had 8 appointments in 4 hours. How am I supposed to chat to people and pop to Zara when I’ve got so much to do?

I spent an age looking at WordPress again last night but there was less swearing so I must be improving. Dangerous didn’t snarl at me either. He was too busy pretending to be nice so that he could watch football. We couldn’t have had 2 nights in a week when I sat downstairs and cried because he had made me so cross with his shear bloody mindedness over what the adults in our family should view on telly. On Monday we had the pleasure of Top Gear followed by Homeland. I sat downstairs, sulking and watching One Born Every Minute. The sulking turned into crying because I can now, you know.

My return to normality from the land of the living dead brought on by Sertraline and Citalopram is not going too badly unless you ask Dangerous. The whooshing in my head is not as unbearable as it was. My new hobby is crying at the BBC news. I cried twice this morning. I daren’t watch ITV as Piers makes me almost as Cross as his hero Donald Trump. The telly probably wouldn’t survive the anger brought on by listening to his sneery voice.

The truth is I actually did test myself for about 3 minutes and then decided that it was a very silly experiment.

Coat bought by Dangerous from Whistles
Trousers Zara sale £9.99
Boots M and S, Necklace Sonia Rykiel – Dangerous hates it