Live from the Leisure Centre

Good morning live from the leisure centre

Good morning live from the leisure centre.

I have Juju in tow today though so all is well with the world. We were on time and only arrived with a minor hangover.

Yesterday was a Totes and Juju day. We gallivanted around the Trafford centre after I had been running with my bitches. In fact yesterday was just an ace day
We got ding curry from Marks and Spensive for tea and then we went to a secret party.

Marks and Spensive has a sale on. I love the sale…..I got this new shirt dress. It’s absolutely rocking and a bargain at £23.

What happens at secret party stays at secret party – ahhhhh bugger that, I will tell you. I’m shit at secrets.
All the naughty ladies had Botox. I wouldn’t do that because I am a natural beauty…….

What do you mean, you can see a bruise near my eye?

And poor Mark, the hostesses husband was charged with taking me home.

“Ooooooh Sarah, can I shag him on the way home?” Who’d have me as a friend? The poor bastard hadn’t even had a drink to dull the pain.