Ramblings, What I'm wearing

Good morning, live from the first day of Spring… or is it?

What I’m wearing…

Patterned floral blouse – £34.99 

Gingham trench coat. I’m so fashion forward that I bought it 9 years ago from Jaegar

Shorts from ASOS – approx £30

Boots from M&S

Good morning.

Hurrah it’s spring.

I’m going to work to generally fuck everything up.

Today’s quandaries are as follows:

  1. When trying to take nice photos of me for the website I look like a knob which begs the question how do all the people on Instagram do it? I’m fucked if I know. Bella is starting to lose patience with me. I’d like to point out that having three children in tow whilst taking vain photos of oneself is proving difficult. Perhaps I can take photos in the park so as to fool them into coming with me. I’m also dreadful at posing. I have one pose. I have looked for inspiration and found that other people have long blond swishy hair with which to play with. I have also noticed that fashion bloggers seem to live in cities so they can take cool photos of themselves standing or walking down the middle of the road looking effortlessly cool. I live in Timperley. I’m not sure blurred out semis has the same impact.
  2. I’m about to book the coach for the Totes day out. Do you think that I should go for a 50 seater or a 70 seater?
  3. I’m cold – it’s not really spring is it?