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Fuck me, the last few weeks outfits look like a rainbow!

Fuck me, the last few weeks outfits look like a rainbow! I don’t like to blend in to the background – that’s too boring!

I’m only forty five. I can wear safe, tasteful stuff when I’ve gown up…

That’ll be when I’m in the cheap nursing home because I’ve squandered all my money on clothes and gin.

It’s mainly high street stuff from the sales with a bit of Zara and Warehouse thrown in and tons of Rew.

Rew is a great little independent British label designed by Rachel Medicott. They make limited editions of coats, scarves, jumpsuits, tops and dresses. The really good thing about them is that they fit most people. They fit you regardless of if you’ve eaten a bit too much cake and drunk too much wine.

The other great thing is that you aren’t overly likely to bump into anyone wearing the same thing unless we have a Fashion Forward Bitch convention or you come to a party at Totes Towers.

Anybody can rock a scarf, especially me!

Keeping it in the family, Rachel’s daughter has a great accessories Website

I do have a discount code, if you wish to peruse the Rew website.

As a one off – 15% off for first time customers with FFB or if you’ve already bought from them you can use FFBJU10 for June.



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