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Dear Facebook. What the fuck is going on?

Dear Facebook.

What the fuck is going on?

My reach (amount of people that see my posts) is down about 80%. My likes are actually going backwards even though nobody has unliked my page, my likes have gone down by 130 and in the meantime I’m being asked daily to advertise which would be fine if I were a business but I’m not.

I understand that Facebook is a business and it needs to make money but I’ve got 109,000 followers that don’t see my posts in their feed.
I understand algorithms. I understand that Facebook just wants to its users to see things that make them happy but overnight about eight weeks ago, my reach dropped off a cliff.
I’m sure that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but I don’t see that, that many people have decided that they no longer like my musings over night.

So, if you like my page, please can I ask you to go onto my page and press the following button. If you press it, you will see a choice. Please pick “see first”.
You will need to do this with all the pages that you want to see posts from unless they pay to advertise.

Please share.