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Day two of our big Wales adventure has seen sun. Sun and sulking…….

Day two of our big Wales adventure has seen sun. Sun and sulking…….

Everywhere in this beautiful United Kingdom of our is better with the sun out and Beaumaris is no exception. After crabbing we have had the obligatory ice cream. We are cramming as many cliches in as possible. We have done Fish and chips on the beach, ice cream cones, crabbing from the pier and had a row over whether the little shits needed a nap. Dangerous won the argument as he let them get up again when I went to get kindling and firewood in a wheelbarrow. I have taken well to glamping but FatFace was a step too far. I went into the shop today as I haven’t brought any warm clothes. I thought that if they had anything warm that was in the sale, I could use it for dog walking. I was thinking a gilet or nice sweat shirt. The trouble is that I’m so fashion forward that I don’t even think that I could dog walk in that stuff. Imagine if anybody saw me! They’d say “ooooooh is that Totes walking Thug Pug?” Their friend would reply “Fuck off she’s got a middle aged sweatshirt on. Totes wears PVC trousers and slogan tees!”
Never mind, I’ll just get pissed in the hot tub whilst I sulk and the children argue because they are so over tired. The little bastards got up at 6.00 after going to bed at 9.30…..

Holiday…..a holiday for who? Fuck me and pour me a large gin.

Chin chin fashion forward bitches.

My bastard battery pack for my phone worked this morning so that my phone was charged to 30%. It’s now dead. 10 fucking hours that took to charge.

I’d like to point out that I’m not being paid to promote this enterprise but it’s so nice that, it would be rude not to give them some nice publicity. Apparently it’s hard to make money from farming these days so the farmers have to think of clever ways to make money. What’s cleverer than glamping? Clever bastard farmers.

I’m going running with our host tomorrow morning.

Holiday in the U.K. Because the pounds fucked.