3 is the magic number

If Totes Towers were Sesame Street today would be about the letter W and the number 3 which is magic according to De La Soul.

W is for Wironing at which I’m World class. I ironed 3 garments and lost the fucking Will to live.

W is for whining which I did plenty of on my 19 mile run this morning. There were 3 of us.

W is for Weekend which is the time allotted for houseWork. I have cleaned 3 bathrooms, two cars and clipped many bushes.

W is for Wembley. Did you know that City were playing at Wembley today? There were 3 parts to this, the commentators talking about it before the game, the game itself and then the Wazocks talking about it after. There were 3 goals scored during the match.

W is heard twice in World War 3 which happened at Totes Towers today.

W is also for Witch. Totes is feeling a bit like a Witch today. I Wonder Why?

A Womans Work is never done Whilst a mans stops at 3 on the last day of the Working Week.

W is for Wankstain.

The number 3 was brought to you today by 3 glasses of Wine and the letter W was brought to you by Wironing.