“Three is the magic number…..”

“Three is the magic number…..”

“Three is the magic number…..”

That’s what De La soul said anyway.

Poor Kate is having her third little shit. I bet Pippa’s still laughing. Pippa thought that her sister had done well for herself, bagging a Prince but she’s now having a good laugh at the sheer drudgery involved in being Mummy to two little shits whilst having morning sickness. The only thing that she’s got to look forward to is Christmas at the in laws booze free whilst chucking her guts up.

My sister laughed for about a week when she heard that I was expecting our third who was a bit of a surprise to say the least.

Never mind she can ram people out of the way with this pram from Tesco. She just needs a buggy board to go behind it for Prince George for when she pops down to Aldi for a bottle of wine. She’ll need a bottle of their Pinot Noir to get her through the day. She will also need a Ford S Max for three of the little shits or she won’t be able to get to rhyme time at the library.

If you need any advice Kate, about anything to do with parenting three little shits, just give me a call! I know everything that there is to know. We’ll have you swearing like Prince Philip and drinking gin before the third one’s out of nappies.

“Ooooh Kate, we can make you a fashion forward bitch. We can go shopping in Zara together. Yay. There are some good points to having three, although I’ll be fucked if I can think of any of them now!”

I bet they’ll get a Pug too…..